The focus for the 2013/2014 academic year will be to assist Deans, Chairs & Program Coordinators in mapping Course Evaluation data to student/program learning outcomes for program accreditation, QEP and other assessment needs. In late Summer 2013, we launched a new reporting tool that allows administrators (Chairs/Deans) to easily map aggregate responses of selected courses to specific learning outcomes in their assessment plans. For assistance in setting up Program Outcomes Reporting (POR), please contact Institutional Research.

Also, as of Fall 2013, faculty and administrators can use the Results Feedback feature within the Project Results module. This feature supports a dialogue about the results between instructors and administrators. Instructors can review their results and send comments to their department chair or administrator, and administrators can review the results for those instructors they oversee and then easily provide feedback to each of their instructors. Feedback from this process is centralized within EvaluationKIT along with the results, and users can export a PDF of their dialogue, and choose to email their feedback outside of the system too.

Beginning with the March 2012 Worldwide term and Summer 2012 residential terms, we activated a student notification window to remind students of open evaluations. This window appeared when the student signed into their Canvas account. Online courses showed a greater bump in response rates than did ground or traditional courses. In July 2012, the “Custom Questions” functionality opened to faculty and administrators at Worldwide, with a roll-out to the residential campuses in Fall 2012. Custom Questions allows additional questions to be added to the end of the evaluations to address: teaching effectiveness; assessment; program review; QEP and/or other accreditation needs. Additionally, we attended department meetings and customized the conversation to address their response rates, the new enhancements, and additional training on longitudinal reporting.

During Spring 2010 we conducted student focus groups and engaged in conversations with the residential campus’ SGA and Faculty Senate to gather feedback regarding options to increase course evaluation response rates. Enhancements that were implemented included: increased survey window to 14 days; increased student reminders to 4, 10 & 13 days after survey start date; added faculty and administrator reminder at 7 days after the survey start date; encouraged faculty to share how they use evaluations in class and to include evaluations into the syllabus; made reports available to faculty of respondents/non-respondents for personal follow-up (only emails, name and id appear on report); revised the language in the student emails; increased advertising; and included presentations regarding the value of evaluations in our College Success courses.