Indirect Assessment

Indirect assessment can be collected by adding additional questions to the End of Course evaluations. Questions should be designed to measure specific program, general education or specialized accreditation outcomes. If approved, questions will be added for the current assessment cycle’s academic year. A maximum of three questions can be added to a course. Questions must be submitted for consideration a minimum of six weeks before the end of the term in which the questions start. Term by question course reports will be published in Taskstream by the beginning of September of the assessment cycle.

The survey results collected are confidential, and will be used solely for assessment purposes. This information will only be shared with the Office of Institutional Research, Office of Academic Assessment, the program chairs/coordinators, faculty and the campus academic leadership team(s) for each program.

Question Examples:

“I was able to identify and apply appropriate statistical analysis, to include techniques in data collection, review, critique, interpretation, and inference in the aviation and aerospace industry.”

“Assignments and activities in this course offered sufficient opportunities to learn and practice the inverted pyramid style of news-writing.”

Indirect Survey Request Form

To request additional End of Course Evaluation questions, please complete the form and email it to AND